Pfizer Trainee-of-Year award launched poultry sector

28-05-2007 | |

Two new training awards together worth almost £5000 are being introduced this year by Pfizer Animal Health for the pig and poultry industries.

The awards recognise the importance placed on workplace training as producers meet higher food safety and animal welfare standards while competing in an increasingly global market. 
The award for the poultry industry is being organised with the monthly journal Poultry World, whose readers will have the opportunity to play their part in selecting the winner.
The main prize is a tailor-made training programme to the value of £2000. The winner will be able to choose what would most benefit their career. 
“There are many dedicated and talented people working with pigs and poultry and this is an opportunity for them to add the award to their CV in helping to further their careers,” says Emmeline Randall, Pfizer Animal Health product manager. 
More details and entry forms can be obtained from BHR Communications on 0845 402 6527, or e-mail
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