Photo Report: IPPE looking beyond feathers

31-01-2014 | |
Photo Report: IPPE looking beyond feathers

As inclement weather impacted a significant portion of drive-in traffic at this years IPPE in Atlanta, show manager Charles Olentine had some worries on the second day of the show. “During the day the situation normalised for the people who were already in town,” Olentine mused.

The main attraction was the large exhibit floor. Olentine: “We’ve come a long way from the time we started 65 years ago with a hand full of displays in a hotel lobby. We are now among the top 40 shows in the US, including consumer shows.”

Looking towards the future

“For 2015 we want to integrate a swine program as well. We know that 28% of our audience has interest in this species, so we will have to think beyond feathers. Furthermore we plan to mix up the exhibitors in another way, combining feed and animal health and live production and processing. With the return of our European partners we are expecting further growth,” Olentine concluded.

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