Poultry charity aims to help 100 million people

22-03-2019 | |
Poultry charity aims to help 100 million people. Photo: Pixabay
Poultry charity aims to help 100 million people. Photo: Pixabay

A new partnership between Cargill and Heifer International has pledged to improve the lives of 100 million people by 2030.

The Hatching Hope Global Initiative has been set up by the world’s largest private company and charity Heifer international to promote eggs and poultrymeat production in developing countries.

Initial focus: Female smallholder farmers

It says it will initially work with female smallholder farmers in India, Mexico and Kenya, to help producers be “connected to markets and equipped with the goods and services they need to be successful participants in the poultry value chain”.

“We think poultry offers a unique set of advantages that set farmers up for success,” Cargill’s Chuck Warter said. “Meat and eggs present an opportunity to involve all members of the household – from women to children to the elderly.

“The poultry growing cycle is also fast-paced, so it can deliver meat and eggs quickly and provide a valuable nutritional source – particularly for children.”

Partnership began

Cargill and Heifer partnered on an initiative in China 2 years ago, and they say that led to this initiative.

“We believe that the key to ending hunger and poverty is for farmers to be able to earn a living income,” Heifer International’s Pierre Ferrari said. “Through Hatching Hope, we’re investing in smart, resourceful women farmers.

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Jake Davies Freelance Journalist