Poultry farmers block feed to Indian province

15-05-2006 | |

Members of the Punjab Poultry Industry Association (PPIA) have blocked the supply of poultry feed to Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) in protest against the ban imposed by the J&K Government on the sale of poultry products from Punjab in the state due to bird flu threat.

Members of district units of PPIA were ”performing the duty” of blocking the feed meant for Jammu and Kashmir.

G.S Bedi, president of the Amritsar Poultry Industry Association, said the J & K government had imposed the ban on February 21, and this decision had hit poultry industry in Punjab very badly. “” Even though not even a single case of bird flu had been reported from Punjab, the ban was still continuing”, he added. He alleged that the requests of the central and state governments and PPIA had fallen on deaf ears.

Bedi said the protest would continue till the J&K Government lifted the ban and restored the normal supply of poultry products.

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