Poultry import laws get an overhaul

30-10-2006 | |

The EC has completed and adopted an overhaul of EU legislation on the import of poultry and poultry products.

The EC’s decision (2006/696/EC) consolidates into a single piece of legislation the import conditions for poultry, hatching eggs, day-old chicks, meat of poultry, ratites and wild game-birds, eggs and egg products and specified pathogen-free eggs. These were previously laid down in some 13 different decisions.
The certification requirements for poultry and poultry products are amended and updated, and a standardised veterinary certificate lay-out of the Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES) is set out. The new decision also includes the list of third countries (and regions within them) authorised to export these products to the EU, as well as any special conditions that apply to consignments from certain geographical regions.
The aim of this new decision is to harmonise and simplify the import conditions for poultry and poultry products, reduce the administrative burden, and make the EU rules in this area clearer and more transparent for the EU’s trade partners.
Third countries have 6 months from the day of publication of the decision (25 October 2006) to adapt to the new conditions set out in the veterinary certificates.