Poultry industry explores branding beyond buffalo wings

26-03-2015 | |
Poultry industry explores branding beyond buffalo wings

Poultry industry members will find there is no better time to be in the business during Poultry: Production and Marketing Come Together at the Alltech REBELation, May 17-20 in Lexington, USA to discuss antibiotic-free chicken nuggets, DHA omega-3 omelets, nutrient-rich turkey subs and much more. Will you be there?

“With McDonald’s new plan to limit the use of AGPs and Chick Fil-A, Panera and six of the largest United States school districts joining the AGP-free market, we are finding these new niche systems becoming the norm in poultry production,” said Paulo Rigolin, Alltech global poultry sales director and chairperson of the poultry symposium, part of the Alltech REBELation. “This year’s poultry session will not only explore what’s next in supermarket demand but also the latest innovations to improve performance and stay competitive in this new landscape for poultry production.”

Speakers for the Poultry: Production and Marketing Come Together symposium include Colin Powell, former United States Secretary of State; Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods; and Bob Langert, editor-at-large, Green Biz and retired McDonald’s vice president of sustainability.

Poultry symposium topics will include discussions such as:

  • Antibiotics- The Cost: Public perception, trust and hospital-acquired infections. What are the alternatives?
  • Woody Breast: Does nutrition hold the key to overcome meat quality issues?
  • 1.25 Billion Wings: Marketing the most valuable meat for growth.You are in the Agriculture Cycle: Seed-Feed-Farm-Food. Embrace it, select and grow your grains for performance.
  • Omega-3- Fooling the Public? Mass Deception? The true story of DHA. Ignore today; pay tomorrow.
  • What Supermarkets Expect from Poultry Producers: Meeting the needs of food retailers.
  • Poultry Statistics and Measures- What is the Norm?: What are the standard measures for the modern poultry industry?
  • Innovation. More powerful than knowledge: Restoring innovation in the production cycle. The tools are there, but how do we inspire people to use them?
  • The Poultry Industry Look in 2050: Wisdom for the future.

This special symposium is part of the Alltech REBELation, an event exploring innovation, inspiration and world-changing ideas.