Poultry litter power plant considered in Stanly, US

10-12-2007 | |

Stanly County in North Carolina is being considered as a site for a renewable energy plant that will generate electricity from poultry litter.

Fibrowatt, a Pennsylvania-based power plant development company, may bring a US$200 mln plant to the community.
Fibrowatt founder and CEO Rupert Fraser, who together with his father created the world’s first three poultry litter-fired power plants in the UK during the 1990s, said that the local reception in Stanly is enthusiastic and interested.
Fraser stated that the community would benefit not only from the management of poultry litter, but also from several hundred jobs, protection of poultry industry jobs and family farms, increased local wages and tax base and alternative energy generation.
Topography, site size, proximity to poultry and poultry litter supply, access to water supply and locating near electrical transmission lines are some factors that will need to be considered before the final decision is made.
According to Stanly County Economic Development Commission, Fibrowatt has narrowed its list to Stanly and six other counties: Duplin, Montgomery, Moore, Sampson, Surry and Wilkes.
Fibrowatt anticipates it will make its decision by the first quarter of 2008.
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