Poultry surviving a disaster

28-05-2009 | |

Most of us will remember the news of the tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004. Located in western Indonesia, Aceh was one of the places that was hit the hardest. Shortly after the disaster struck, many foreign NGOs supported the recovery processes, and many are still contributing toward the development of Aceh. This aid has been used to help the local government build houses, hospitals and education centres for the victims of the tsunami.

Until this year, the recovery and development processes in some sectors such as in economy, social, education and properties is continuing. Of interest to us is the poultry sector, which is still receiving benefits. Here, the short-term aim is giving a source of income to the victims in Aceh by maximising natural and human resources to rearing poultry, specifically broiler chickens. The long-term goal, though, is to fulfil the demand of poultry products in Aceh and some provinces near to Aceh.

The development of this poultry sector is using a system of contract farming system, or the familiar name in Indonesia is “Inti-Plasma System”. In Aceh, this poultry system is run by Swisscontact (an NGO from Switzerland and has a responsibility for funding the farmers and as the guarantor in this poultry system), Syariah Mandiri Bank (a local bank in Indonesia has a responsibility for funding the farmers in this poultry system), PT. Charoen Pokphand Indonesia (a giant poultry company in Indonesia and has a responsibility related to technical system and practices in this poultry system), and Aceh society (the farmers). This system is also supported by the local government of Aceh. Based on results and evaluation, the poultry sector has made good progress in its development – the number of farmers is increasing and the production can fulfil the local demand of broiler chickens in Aceh. 

So, from this we can conclude that:
– Poultry could be a prospective sector in recovering and developing the local potential of both natural and human resources.
– Poultry could be a prospective sector in improving the economy and increasing the income of society.
– The private sector and the government can work together to bring about great results in the poultry sector in developing countries.

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