Power cut forces major poultry losses in Ukraine

09-07-2012 | |

Agromars, one of the largest poultry producers in Ukraine has reported losses of 200 mln hryvnias (US$ 24.7 mln) following power cuts across it poultry production facilities.

The power failure disabled the energy across 30 enterprises of the company resulting in the deaths of 618 thousand heads of poultry, and 5 million heads of chickens. The ventilation in poultry houses were disabled for five and a half hours, and the temperature there soon reached 45 degrees, which in turn caused the death of birds. This is a significant loss as the total poultry stock in all enterprises of Agromars is currently estimated at 9 million heads.

The director of Agromars, Alexey Marchenko in a recent press-conference assured that the information provided by some Media that the products of the company could reach the market after this incident is untrue.

Agromars sent most of the dead birds to veterinary-sanitary plants and others are located in specifically open trenches equipped in accordance with all sanitary regulations, Marchenko comfirmed. The director also assured that despite the current situation, the company will ship the poultry products in accordance with the signed contracts, and not one unconditioned poultry product will hit the market.

His words were supported by the deputy chief of Veterinary Medicine of the Kiev region, Nikolai Tibezh and deputy chief veterinarian Valery Maiboroda. They confirmed that the bird’s deaths occurred solely as a result of the power cut. Agromars is now preparing a lawsuit against the energy supplier.

Source: Vladislav Vorotnikov

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