Product: Improving calcium balance in poultry

29-10-2012 | |
Product: Improving calcium balance in poultry

For broilers, layers and parentstock Intra Calferol, a concentrated mixture of calcium, vitamin D3 and magnesium in a liquid form is a welcome contribution to their health. It can simply be added to the drinking water and is also easy to absorb by the intestines of the animal.

This high quality feed supplement helps animals to keep their calcium balance in an optimum condition.

Intra Calferol, a product from Intracare, is pH neutral and has excellent vitamin D3 stability properties. The mixture of calcium salts and calcium chelates has a high bioavailability. The use of calcium and magnesium chelates ensures better absorption by the body. By adding the supplement to drinking water, farmers can maintain and improve animal health.

Vitamin D3 and calcium

Key to maintain bone health of the animals is vitamin D3, as it enables the body to absorb calcium. Arjan van de Vondervoort, Marketing Manager Intracare, explains: “Calcium is vital for a healthy bone structure, which of course contributes to the body health. Broilers, layers and parentstock often face vitamin D3 deficiency. This definitely leads to calcium deficiency, even if calcium is separately added to the animal’s feed.”

In case of a vitamin D3 deficiency, the body cannot sufficiently form the calcitriol hormone. As a consequence, the animal absorbs insufficient calcium from its diet.

“The body draws calcium from its stores in the skeleton, which weakens the existing bone structure and prevents the formation of strong, new bone. In the worst case, this leads to bone loss or osteoporosis,” says Van de Vondervoort.

More information can be obtained from Intraces website www.intracare.nl or visit Intracare at Eurotier 2012 from 13 – 16 November in Hannover, Germany, Hall 17 booth number D01.