PSA and Novus Int recognise poultry scientists

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Amid more than 450 presentations, group discussion panels and posters presented at the Poultry Science Associations (PSA) 98th annual meeting, time was taken to award 2 scientists for their outstanding work in the poultry science industry.

PSA and Novus International recognised Dr. Adam Davis for his many contributions to the poultry industry. Novus International also took time to celebrate the research and work of Dr. Park Waldroup.

Dr. Adam Davis

Davis, professor and researcher at the University of Georgia, Athens, was presented with the prestigious Poultry Science Association Inc., Novus International Teaching Award. He focuses his poultry nutrition research on amino acid interactions, alternative grains, de novo fat synthesis, and in reproductive physiology.

Since starting work at the University of Georgia, Davis has dramatically increased undergraduate enrollment in University’s Poultry Science Department.

“The award is provided by Novus International in recognition of the fact that excellence in teaching is basic to the future welfare of the poultry industry,” said Drew Giesen, Technical Services Manager, Novus International. “It is the desire of Novus that the award be considered not only as a recognition for past contributions, but also as an aid for continued professional improvement through travel, study and other means.”

Dr. Park Waldroup

Novus also hosted a research collaborators dinner where Dr. Park Waldroup, Poultry Nutrition Professor, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and researcher at the Centre of Excellence for Poultry Science, was recognised as Novus International’s only distinguished professor.

Dr. Waldroup has contributed to the poultry science industry more than 400 research papers, 60 students and presentations in upward of 50 countries.

Today, Dr. Waldroup’s research focuses on nutrient requirements and interactions in broilers and turkey, emphasising nutrition to carcass composition.

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Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist