Quebec co-op acquires Grenville Poultry

06-03-2007 | |

The Exceldor farm has acquired Grenville Poultry, a chicken processor with 250 employees in the Laurentian area north of Montreal.

Exceldor, based in the Quebec City area, is a co-operative that employs 950 people and processes 1.4 million chickens a week from Quebec processing plants at Saint-Anselme, Saint-Damase and Grenville. Grenville processes about 400,000 chickens a week. The acquisition of Grenville allows Exceldor to look at consolidating other operations in Quebec and reduce operating costs, as well as expand its output by 40%.
The price increase of the corn from the United States, seems be a motivating force in the poultry industry to reduce its production costs and to streamline processes.

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