Rapeseed products suitable for broiler feed

22-02-2007 | |

Because of the high protein content, rapeseed cake and rape flakes are suitable as raw materials for broilers, according to research by Dutch feed company Agrifirm.


The research looked at whether the two by-products from the oil production from rapeseed are suitable to feed young broiler chickens. Parameters as digestion, growth, feed conversion, health and scattering quality were taken into account.

It was concluded that rape products are a good cheap alternative for soy in terms of protein content. However, rapeseed products can differ in quality, depending on the supplier. The production process should therefore always be taken into account.

In addition, rapeseed contains some ingredients that may negatively influence the digestion process of the broilers. A good treatment can make these ingredients unharmful. As a result of this study, Agrifirm developed a concept to treat and test rape products.

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