Register now: Poultry farm tour prior to VIV Europe

30-04-2014 | |
Register now: Poultry farm tour prior to VIV Europe

On May 19, World Poultry and VNU Exhibitions, the organiser of VIV Europe, will host a Dutch Excellence Field Trip leading you to innovative Dutch poultry farms. Register now because the bus is filling up fast!

The poultry tour takes you to the Rondeel layer farm in Barneveld, a unique and modern layer farm, specially designed to meet and satisfy the natural needs of chickens. During the tour you will see that the hens can sit on perches in the night quarters, enjoy sunlight and fresh air in their living quarters and bathe in the dust in a dedicated wooded area. This is an unique way of raising chickens and very innovative for the European poultry industry.

After this, the bus will take you to the broiler hatchery, Lagerwey. Lagerwey is a leading broiler hatchery in the Netherlands, located  near the village of Lunteren.  The hatchery is used by customers from all over the world to witness expertise from Dutch soil. At the Lagerwey facility a dazzling 1.8 million eggs a week are hatched. They have recently started with selling PlusFour chicks, hatched from the HatchBrood system. This means that the customer can choose between regular one day chicks or whether the chicks get their first start by PlusFour.

The tours are organised in cooperation with World Poultry’s sister publications AllAboutFeed and PigProgress. If you are more interested in feed or pigs, we have different tours for these topics as well.

Click here for more information about the three different tours and how to register .

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