Rennes counting down to 23rd SPACE

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Rennes counting down to 23rd SPACE

The city of Rennes, France, is getting ready for the 23rd edition of SPACE, the French annual animal livestock show which begins tomorrow.

The exposition, held at Parc-Expo of Rennes Airport, will begin on Tuesday 15 September, and last until Friday 18 September. The show offers the latest developments in poultry, pig, dairy, sheep, cattle and rabbit production, as well as new developments in the feed sector.

The organisers expect 1,273 exhibitors, of which 353 (30%) will be coming from abroad, with over 1,500 brands present. In total, 1,211 direct exhibitors and co-exhibitors will be present, of which 176 companies are new. Another 62 companies will be represented.

Total net surface of the exposition is over 60,000 sq. m., which includes booths, animal presentations and animations. This is an increase of 1,200 sq. m. in comparison to past year. The Parc-Expo offers in total 100,000 sq. m. gross surface. International exhibitors will occupy over 16,000 sq. m.

In the past couple of years, visitor numbers have exceeded 110,000. In total, about 9,000 international visitors are expected this year.

Animal presentations

Several animal presentations are planned, e.g. around cattle breeds like Simmental and Salers and the ovine breed Suffolk. In addition, more attention than usual is planned for agri-energy solutions. A total of 57 innovations will be awarded with an Innov’space.

The show will be opened on Tuesday by the French agricultural minister Michel Mercier.

Read more about SPACE, France, its agriculture and the financial crisis in a special weblog by Philippe Caldier.

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