Rising income to fuel demand for poultry

01-05-2007 | |

According to the Indian Poultry Science Association (IPSA), the demand for eggs and poultry meat will be fuelled by rising income, urbanisation and population.

“By 2020, the demand for eggs and meat would surge under different income and population growth scenarios in the range of 6.3 – 12.1 million tonne and 9.5 – 18.5 million tonne respectively,” said IPSA president T S Johri. He continues in saying that if eggs (6% per annum) and meat (12% per annum) production continues to grow at the current pace, then the Indian poultry industry would be able to satisfy the increased demand.
Production of egg and meat in the country stands at 2.6 million tonnes and 1.6 million tonnes respectively. The Indian poultry industry is worth Rs 300 billion (€5.3 million).
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