Ross Parent Stock successful in Slovenia

09-12-2009 | |

The annual Ross-Perutnina Ptuj Parent Stock Seminar, jointly organised by Aviagen and their Slovenian customer, provided the platform to showcase the performance of the Ross 308 within Perutnina Ptuj with the presentation of the Ross Flock Awards.

Farm manager Ana Jeza scooped the coveted Best Ross Parent Stock Flock Award and achieved the remarkable result of 144 day-old-chicks to 60 weeks. This achievement demonstrates the outstanding performance which is possible through the combination of excellent genetic potential, effective on-farm management and the innovative and knowledgeable technical support from the Aviagen customer focus team.

The seminar was attended by Perutnina Ptuj representatives from Slovenia as well as from their business units in Serbia and Bosnia. Presentations included an update of the European broiler meat market, helpful advice on maximising financial returns through good breeder management, and leg health talks from a nutritional and veterinary perspective. Presentations were given by Neil Clark, Technical Service Manager for Eastern Europe, and Jonny Harrison, the Technical Director for the area.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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