Roxell welcomes Chris Pankey as area sales manager

08-06-2015 | |
Roxell welcomes Chris Pankey as area sales manager

Chris Pankey started May 11th as area sales manager for Roxell for the Southeastern region of the United States.

“His ten years of experience in the poultry and equipment industry shows that he will be a great asset to the Roxell US sales team,” says Roxell.

Pankey started his career in the poultry industry as regional sales manager for advanced poultry equipment & supply. After that he became the national sales manager for Airdale Systems. His focus was to set up new accounts. In addition, he built working relationships with distributors and poultry integrators, as well as maintaining those contacts.

As representative for the regional sales and customer support for the implementation of pneumatic and hydraulic systems in a wide variety of manufacturing environments, Chris leaves Total Hose Parker Store to join the Roxell US sales team.