RSPCA wants enriched cages banned

30-09-2008 | |
RSPCA wants enriched cages banned

The NFU has reportedly condemned an attempt by the RSPCA to ban an egg production system accepted by the EU as being more welfare-friendly than battery units.

“The RSPCA is being short-sighted and irresponsible in calling for enriched colony systems to be banned at a time when our members are doing their level best to respond to consumer demands, which means supplying eggs to all ends of the market,” said NFU chief poultry adviser Robert Newbery, adding that the egg industry has to reflect diverging consumer needs for higher welfare eggs, but also for affordability.
Reports states that Newbery points out that while sales of free-range and conventional indoor eggs are growing, indicating that some consumers are happy to pay for higher welfare, others need to watch what they spend and opt for affordability.
“Banning the new enriched colony system, which, at £15-25 per bird, our members are now making considerable investment in, would only serve to export our egg industry to outside the EU or UK where welfare standards may be well behind our own,” he said.
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