Russia cuts poultry imports again

12-11-2008 | |
Russia cuts poultry imports again

It has been reported that Russia will cut its poultry import quotas by another 100,000 mt in 2009. This makes the total cut 300,000 t.

Russia’s First Deputy Prime Ministor Viktor Zubkov said an agreement had been made American producers to cut the quotas by 200,000 t. However, he said, the state considers this insufficient. “In this way we will give Russian producers the ability to increase their production by approx. the same amount in 2009.”

In September the Russian Agriculture Ministry made the decision to limit its poultry import quotas. At that time, the announced cut of 200,000 t equalled 17% of the country’s import volume.

A majority of Russia’s poultry imports come directly from the US. In 2008, the US provided 870,000 mt of poultry to Russia, supplying most of the country’s then 1.2 mln mt quota.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist