Russia re-lists 2 US poultry plants

08-10-2009 | |

A Tyson Foods poultry plant and a House of Raeford poultry plant are again eligible to export poultry products to Russia, says the USDA.

Russia re-listed Tyson’s Cumming, Ga., facility and House of Raeford’s Raeford, N.C., plant, stating poultry originating from these establishments on or after 30 September is eligible for export.

Moscow banned the Tyson plant in March, claiming to have detected in product drug residue that violated its standards. The House of Raeford plant was one of 19 US poultry complexes banned by Russia in August 2008 following an inspection that discovered alleged general violations of Russian standards.

Source: Meatingplace

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist