Russian delegation visits Hubbard in France

12-05-2015 | |
Russian delegation visits Hubbard in France

A delegation of several Russian poultry integrations visited the facilities of Hubbard in France, they were accompanied by the management of BALTISA, the exclusive distributor of Hubbard for the CIS-countries and Baltic States. The visit took place in April and the group were updated on the recent developments on R&D and breeder and broiler management of the Hubbard F15.

Yves Jego, Hubbard R&D Director, presented the key points in the selection programme for the Hubbard F15: FCR, robustness and total meat yield. Based on what is already in the pipeline he foresees an annual improvement of the Hubbard F15 in the field of: +1 egg/HH, +50g live weight, -2.3 points FCR and +0.26% breast meat yield. This is also being confirmed by the actual field results in Russia and other Hubbard F15 customers around the world.



Nicolas Neyra, Hubbard Regional Manager CIS & Baltic States, explained that 1 pure line female in the R&D programme produces through its progeny nearly 20 million kg of broiler live weight. This shows the importance of the R&D for the whole industry. Of similar importance is the sanitary quality of the breeding stock supplied to the market. The group visited also a Hubbard F15 GP production site, where strict bio-security rules are applied: all-in-all-out system, completely fenced area, high level sanitary rules for vehicles and personnel and filtered air with positive pressure (FAPP) ventilation.

At the end of the trip a visit to a breeder farm with Hubbard parent stock was made. This showed the Russian group a farming model typical for Brittany, in the west part of France; a family business in which mother and 2 sons, besides 80 ha of cereal production, serve 4 houses of parent stock as a contract farmer for an integration. The full automation of feeding, egg collection, selection and treatment of the eggs allows them to run their farm very efficiently.