Russian egg production increases

23-08-2011 | |

The egg production industry in Russia has develop rapidly over the past two years maintaining an average annual growth rate of 3-4%.

In 2010 the total market volume increased by 4.6% compared with 2009 amounting to 43.1 billion units, according to statistical data, of AI Navigator.

Most eggs in Russia are produced in the Volga Federal District. Here in 2010 the total output was about 10.3 billion pieces. The Central Federal District took the second place, with a production capacity of 8.2 billion pieces. South Federal District is the third with total output in 2010 about 5.8 billion eggs.

Large agricultural enterprises are making a great contribution in egg production, providing more poultry and producing more eggs than the private and peasant farms do. Russia’s largest egg production company is “Bohr poultry.” In 2010, the output of this company has been amounted to 900 million units. The second place belongs to “Sverdlovsk poultry” (846 million peaces).  “Roskar” Company closes the list of top three leaders with production capacity about 600 million eggs.

In the short-term it is expected that increases in egg production in the country will continue due to the growth of sales in both retail and industrial sectors of the market.

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