Russian food processor wins packaging award

16-10-2008 | |

The 2008 BEST OF PACKFORUM AWARD took place on 17 September. International chief editors of retail publications were invited to vote for the best Packforum® packaging amongst 15 innovative European retail packs.

Editors are asked to evaluate each pack, giving a score between 1 and 10 for each of the following criteria: convenience, presentation appeal, food safety, merchandising and environmental impact.
The winner of the 2008 Best of Packreform Award is the Simple Steps® pack which the young Russian food processor Mirital adopted to recently launch its new range of frozen ready meals. Voters of the award were impressed with the merchandising appeal, food safety guarantee and remarkable consumer convenience.
Established in 1996, Mirital is a young food company present on the Russian market with two main. The new Mirital range of ready meals packed under Simple Steps® was launched in July 2008 and sales have reportedly sky-rocketed.
Simple Steps® is a vacuum skin pack (VSP) which combines the benefits of “sous vide” cooking with microwave convenience in a hermetically closed pack. It offers taste and texture preservation, tenderness enhancement, superior convenience, reliable shelf-life, high product visibility and a striking second skin effect for outstanding appeal in the retail case. The pack keeps the meal components looking juicy, fresh and easy to serve once heated.

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