Russian-Italian poultry complex announced in Dagestan

24-10-2012 | |
Russian-Italian poultry complex announced in Dagestan

AgroDagItaliya Company, a joint venture of Russian and Italian businesses announced the construction of a large poultry farm in the Russian Republic of Dagestan. The total investment in the construction will amount to RUB 9 bln (€227 m).

The implementation of the project the company which has already begun, involves the construction of a farm with a broiler production capacity of 35,000 tonnes of meat per year, as well as 630 million eggs per year. In addition, the project will involve the construction of incubators, plant for deep processing of poultry products, grain storage for 150,000 tonnes of grain, feed mill, power station and plant of organic-mineral fertilisers.

The new project will be very important for the region because it will increase it’s self-sufficiency in poultry products. The republic of Dagestan currently produces 15,000 tonnes of poultry meat per year with the total needs of 60,000 tonnes and 110 million pieces of eggs with the total needs being 800 million pieces.

Implementation of the project will include the construction of 14 different facilities. The commissioning of the first stage of a complex is scheduled for December 2013. The poultry complex will reach the designed production capacity in early 2014.

It is planned that 80% of poultry meat will be processed, so the company plans to produce more than 70 types of deep processed poultry products. According to the representatives of AgroDagItaliya not all poultry products will be supplied to the domestic market. According to a press-release the company intends to supply up to 40% of the total production of poultry meat for export. In particular, preliminary agreements on the delivery of poultry has been signed with companies from Armenia, Moldova, Poland and Luxembourg.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent