Sadia builds megacomplex in Mato Grosso

31-07-2007 | |

Sadia, one of Brazil’s major meat processing companies, is currently building a megacomplex for pork processing, poultry slaughtering and feed production in the state of Mato Grosso.

Total investments of the plant in the city of Lucas do Rio Verde will amount to 790 million real (US $417 million), of which the company already invested 435 million real ($230 million). In 2008, the complex has to be finished.

As for now, two poultry slaughtering line and a logistics centre have already started producing.

In total, the Sadia complex will be able to process 25,000 pigs and 2.5 million head of poultry.

Sadia already owns a complex in Varzeo Grande, in the South of Mato Grosso.


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