Sadia inaugurates plant in Russia

05-12-2007 | |

One month after loosing its leading position on the domestic food market to Perdigão, Sadia, on 1 December, inaugurated its first production plant outside Brazil.

The company, called Concord, has been established in Kaliningrad, Russia in partnership with Miratog Holding, one of Russia’s larger meat distributors. Sadia contributed about 60% of the 90 million dollar investment, while the Russian partner provided 40% of the funds.
The new plant will initially produce 53,000 tonnes of meat products per year, but may trade up to 80,000 tonnes under the Sadia and Myasnaya Guildia brand names.
Walter Fontana Filho, chairman of Sadia’s Board of Directors expects that this cooperation will support Brazil’s export opportunities, especially because of the huge export potential for Sadia products.
Besides servicing the consumers directly, it us reported that the production plant will also supply the McDonald’s fast food outlets in Russia. Sadia has already signed up partnerships with this fast food chain in Latin America, UK, France and Germany, but to become the exclusive supplier of processed chicken in Russia, Sadia had to produce 25% of its deliveries in Kaliningrad.
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