Safeguarding the future

18-10-2018 | |
Rosie Burgin Editor Special Projects
Safeguarding the future. Photo: Vincent ter Beek
Safeguarding the future. Photo: Vincent ter Beek

The concept of sustainability has been gaining ground since the 1980’s when awareness grew of the damages of human excesses and their toll on the world’s resources.

A shift began to form in the consciousness of industries and individuals towards environmental, economic and social concerns, and the livestock sector is no exception to that. Agriculture, which forms the cornerstone of our existence, has a moral obligation to protect the limited resources and adopt more efficient farming practices. A collaborative effort between policymakers, farmers and consumers is the only way to ensure sustainability goals can be met.

This special edition highlights measures being taken within the industry including nutritional solutions, particularly in the absence of antibiotics, which focus on environmentally friendlier animal husbandry practises, after all, healthy animals excrete less undigested resources back into the environment. Also highlighted is how sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand, and not at the expense of the planet or welfare of the animals. As the FAO summarises in its global vision; by nurturing the land and adopting sustainable agriculture, present and future generations will be able to feed a growing population. Therefore, measures taken now act as an insurance policy for future generations, to ensure a safe and abundant food supply, but also establish farming practices which will be able to sustain the challenges ahead.

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