Sel-Plex® receives free choice allowance

23-07-2007 | |

Alltech’s organic selenium, Sel-Plex, recently received free choice allowance in livestock diets from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This registration regulation allows producers and beef cattle owners to offer the mineral in a loose granular form, providing a full range of feeding applications. Sel-Plex is an organic selenium yeast produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060.
Sel-Plex is a unique form of selenium as it is presented in the same forms that are naturally present in plants. Organic selenium is more digestible than inorganic forms and better retained, which lets the animal build nutrient reserves against periods of increased demand without risking toxicity.
This is not the first registration for this selenium. Alltech has been the sole leader in the US to submit data and petition the FDA for this allowance. Selenium yeast has received allowance for use in chicken diets, followed by turkey, swine, goat, sheep, equine, beef and dairy feeds, and dog diets.
Sel-Plex also received authorisation as a nutritional feed additive for use in all species diets, from the European Union (EU) under EU regulation 1750/2006.
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