Solar power for poultry houses

28-12-2006 | |
Solar power for poultry houses

A poultry house powered by the sun will begin operations in Delaware in the US in the New Year.

The solar-powered poultry house, the first of its kind, is part of a research project to evaluate the use of solar power as an economical source of energy for poultry houses.
“This project is important to help our poultry industry stay competitive and our producers remain profitable, as well as cut our dependence on foreign oil,” said Michael Scuse, Delaware Secretary of Agriculture.
Increasing electricity prices are putting a strain on the poultry industry, which is highly energy dependent, as chickens must be kept at controlled temperatures with appropriate ventilation.
The trial of the solar powered poultry house will determine, over three years of comprehensive monitoring, whether solar power is a viable alternative for the poultry industry.
The pilot photovoltaic system, which is designed to evaluate a variety of use options and generate extensive research data, will cost approximately $500,000, but the project is eligible for a rebate of $250,000 from the Delaware Green Energy Program. Solar-powered systems also are eligible for state and federal tax credits.

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