Suguna Poultry launches EC broiler sheds

15-09-2008 | |

Suguna Poultry Farm has now launched its first environment-controlled (EC) commercial broiler sheds in Madurai district, India.

The sheds, each with a capacity of 32,000 birds, will be used to grow broiler chicken in the same way as is done in developed countries.
It is reported that the entire system in the sheds is automated through advanced climate control system. Additionally, the feeding and watering systems are also automated, thus enabling the entire farm to be operated and controlled from a single computer-based system.
“The EC shed is one such step in using technology for better productivity, hygiene and safety,” said the company MD, B. Soundrarajan. There are now plans to develop more of these sheds across the country.
Soundrarajan states that these EC sheds would help improve feed conversion ratio, better quality bird meat, increased productivity and health of the chicken, reduced mortality, one extra batch (or cycle) per year per shed, and a system-controlled farm with ability to store and retrieve records up to 5 years.
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