Supermarket egg hatches

14-05-2007 | |
Supermarket egg hatches

According to a nine-year-old boy in Great Ashfield, England, who tried to incubate eggs bought from a supermarket, says that one of the chicks actually hatched.

The boy, Miles Orford, said that he placed the half dozen box of Cotswold Leg Bar free range eggs into the incubator as an experiment…and one of the eggs developed into a baby chicken.
Miles said he was very surprised: “When I first heard the chirping I didn’t think it was going to survive but now it’s running about.” The boy says he has always taken an interest in chickens. “I have always loved chickens, they follow you around and they are always up to something.” It’s very cute and a lovely brown color and I have decided to call it Celia after my sister… I am not sure if it is a cockerel or a hen.”
A British Egg Information Service spokeswoman said it is very unusual.
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