The latest edition of World Poultry is now online

10-04-2015 | |
The latest edition of World Poultry is now online

The latest edition of World Poultry discusses whether vaccination is the answer to the recent outbreaks of Avian Influenza or whether the devastating disease is something which we have to learn to live with.

The discussion on how to tackle bird flu has multiple aspects, however, one thing is as clear, biosecurity and early warning monitoring are worth their proverbial weight in gold. This edition of World Poultry focuses on this topic, plus takes a look at turkey production and turkey diseases, especially ORT.

In this edition we present an interview with the new Hubbard managing director Olivier Rochard. He is committed to producing more meat with less feed, within the ‘Natural Concept’ of Groupe Grimaud. Rochard: “There is no better way of promoting sustainable food production than through the most efficient and robust broilers.”

World Poultry also dives into the restoration of hatchability of stored eggs to mitigate the damage caused by poor or prolonged storage of incubating eggs. Our Russia correspondent had contact with researchers who discovered a bacteria, found in the arctic, which has promising characteristics to replace antibiotics.

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World