The poultry industry awaits WPC 2008

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The poultry industry awaits WPC 2008

All those involved in the poultry industry can really start looking forward to the 2008 World’s Poultry Congress, taking place in Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia, this month!

So far, 1,800 participants have registered for the congress, including 1,400 delegates and 400 exhibition staff. It is anticipated that over 2,000 participants will be present at the show where 220 booths will be operating.
Scientific/technical programme
The scientific/technical programme highlights include plenary sessions each day, where Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty plus other leading “lights” of the poultry industry worldwide will be participating. A full list of the plenary speakers, as well as the full programme, are on the WPC website.
The scientific programme has been broadened by the inclusion of the 6th Asian-Pacific Poultry Health Congress (6APPHC), the 4th International Ratite Science Symposium (4IRSS) and the 2008 Australian Poultry Information Exchange (PIX) as affiliated meetings.  Additionally, the triennial Australian Poultry Convention and the annual Australian Poultry Science Symposium have been subsumed into the Congress. Further, there are separate workshops for turkey producers and pure breed poultry fanciers within the overall programme. The programme is thus truly comprehensive offers something for everyone.
Special, interesting guest
Another point of interest at the congress is Howard Helmer’s appearance at the AECL (Australian Egg Corporation Limited) breakfast on 2 July – the World’s Fastest Omelette Maker, as noted in the Guinness Book of Records. Helmer will be giving a demonstration on stage of his skill with the skillet, and will ask some members of the audience to come up on stage and try to make an omelette under his direction.
The poultry industry is excited for this event and World Poultry encourages all those interested to attend.
This will be the last congress retiring World Poultry Editor Wiebe van der Sluis will take part in. On Thursday 3 July at 17:00 he will give a presentation on 25 Year Research, Media and Money.
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