Tyson expands in Chinese poultry sector

27-10-2008 | |

Tyson Food’s will be opening a new business venture in China with the aim of offering new products to consumers.

Tyson Foods is now involved in three joint ventures in China, and has also embarked on a 4th enterprise in the poultry industry, to open in 2009.


Tyson has taken over 60% of the Shandong based company, Xinchang Group, and will reportedly open a new factory in 2009 in the Jiangsu province. The facility will specialise in fresh meat and vacuum-packed chicken with a long shelf-life.


The new product will be a first for the Chinese market. Reports state that local consumers hope to find a medium between frozen imported product and the wet markets, where shoppers select the live animal and have it slaughtered and plucked.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist