Tyson increases pay for poultry growers

08-10-2007 | |

Tyson Foods Inc. has raised per-pound payments for a group of contracted chicken farmers who supply its Berryville-Green Forest poultry complex.

The company increased payments from 4.75 cents to 5.15 cents per pound.
“…we are offering a significant pay increase to poultry producers who supply our Berryville-Green Forest poultry complex in Arkansas,” said Tyson Spokesman Gary Mickelson. Tyson handles changes in pay on a location-by-location basis.
Mickelson went on to say that the pay raise is a major investment, adding that such increases typically involve millions of dollars in additional costs to the company.
The producers who have benefited from the raise sought the raise based on rising fuel costs. There are more than 6,200 contract poultry producers throughout the country who raise chickens for Tyson. Mickelson said the company provided more than US$26 million in supplemental fuel payments in 2005-2006 and made another supplemental fuel payment last winter.
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