Tyson no longer using CO packaging

21-08-2007 | |
Tyson no longer using CO packaging

Tyson Foods will soon discontinue the use of carbon monoxide packaging due to lack of demand, not health hazards..

In a move that the company claims resulted from a lack of demand – rather than a call by politicians who claim the packaging poses a health risks to consumers – Tyson Foods will discontinue the use of carbon monoxide packaging by 7 September, 2007.
“Our decision is based on a lack of customer demand for this type of packaging, not because of any food safety concern. We believe the technology, which is approved by USDA and FDA, is safe for the consumer.”
In a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee (HECC) and the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, written by company vice president of business operations, Gary Sheneman, Tyson indicated its intentions. The committee will further investigate whether the FDA and USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service are doing enough to ensure food safety.
“Tyson representatives have been working with Committee staff to more fully understand and address concerns regarding the utilisation of carbon monoxide in fresh meat packages,” Sheneman wrote. “Although the use of CO is approved by FDA and USDA, Tyson has decided to discontinue the use of the barrier tray CO process approved by FDA in GRN 000143.”
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