Ugachick starts fish feed plant

11-02-2010 | |

Ugachick Poultry Breeders in Uganda has invested $1.2m in a drive to increase its fish feed production capacity.

Chairman Aga Ssekalala Senior, speaking at the launch of a new facility at Magigye in Gayaza in Wakiso, said the project was aimed at encouraging fish farming. He said the new floating feed would enable easy monitoring of fish feeding habits and ensure minimise waste “because it does not allow the feed to mix with silt”.

“Due to the absence of floating fish feed on the market, many large-scale farmers have not been able to start cage farming on the lakes,” Ssekalala said, adding that aquaculture would boost Uganda’s declining fish stocks and export earnings.

The feed is composed of maize, toasted soybean, fish, wheat and sunflower products.

CDE Brussels gave funds for technical assistance. A $450,000 grant was also secured from USAID through the Fish and LEAD projects.

Ssekalala said it was bad that other human protein sources available were expensive, while fish prices had greatly increased due to immense pressure on the lakes.

“Fish farming will enable even low-income earners to buy fish, hence lowering the country’s malnutrition problems,” Ssekalala said.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist
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