Uganda threatens to ban Kenyan poultry imports

08-07-2008 | |
Uganda threatens to ban Kenyan poultry imports

Kenya has banned poultry exports from Uganda, but this is an issue that has been going on for some time now. However, now Uganda threatens to retaliate putting at risk the spirit of the East African Community.

“We are going to close poultry business with Kenya if they don’t allow Uganda’s exports,” said State Minister for Trade Eng. Gagawala Wambuzi during a meeting with members of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda.
This news follows recent announcements by the Kenyan government Kenya government announcements and its subsequent ban on all poultry products from Uganda unless the later follows international standards on its poultry activities.
This is reported as one of the most glaring economic controversies between the two countries since the East African Community protocol was signed.
If allowed to drag on, the controversy could taint the integration process of the East African countries into a regional trading bloc and put at risk more than 200,000 livelihoods of Ugandans who depend on poultry for a living. Both governments could also lose millions in revenue.
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