Ugandan eggs head to Sudan

08-01-2007 | |

Ugandan traders are reaping the benefits as Ugandan eggs find a new market in South Sudan, however, the appetite of the locals in Sudan is spoiled.

As part of a campaign coordinated by the ministry of animal husbandry and fisheries in Sudan, posters warn people of the danger of bird flu: “Avoid all unnecessary contact with live poultry…Backyard poultry farms and live markets are very high-risk areas…Don’t touch feathers, or liquid wastes without disposable gloves and masks.”

Poultry and eggs have become a common sight in South Sudan, but apparently the health awareness campaigns are killing the appetite, leaving few takers, however, eggs in Sudan have, nevertheless, gained in price rising by 19 Eurocents in the last month.

The virus was first reported in northern Sudan in April 2006 and later spread to Juba where it was conformed in September 2006.
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