UK chain bans eggs from caged hens

21-01-2009 | |

England’s 3rd-largest supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, announces that it will stop selling eggs from hens kept battery cages.

It is reported that the grocer plans to sell eggs only from un-caged hens. This decision by the chain comes 3 years before an EU-wide ban on conventional factory-farm produced eggs comes into force.

“When Sainsbury’s makes a move like this it has huge impact, making animal welfare more mainstream,” said food business manager for Compassion in World Farming, Rowen West-Henzell. “They are doing the right thing on behalf of the consumer. My question to the other retailers is why aren’t they responding?”

Under the coming EU ban on battery cages, poultry farmers will be allowed to build larger cages that give hens more space. But Sainsbury’s says it will sell no eggs from caged birds.


Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist
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