UK poultry industry needs retail price rise

19-05-2006 | |

UK poultry industry leaders claim that the UK chicken industry will not survive unless it there is a dramatic retail price increase.

Most poultry meat businesses are making a loss of more than 6 pence per kilogram, or £25,000 (36,800 euro) per flock per year, according to a new report prepared jointly by the NFU and British Poultry Council.

With each chicken farmer typically rearing six flocks a year, the sector needs a rise of 12 pence per kilogram to maintain long-term viability.

The report was launched by NFU president Peter Kendall at this week’s British Pig and Poultry Fair at Stoneleigh.

Kendall said that farmers are unable to modernise and invest because product prices are being squeezed and input costs are soaring.

“If we don’t get some form of commitment throughout the food chain to get better returns for poultry farmers, we will see very long-term damage to this sector,” he said.

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