Ukraine adopts law prohibiting US poultry

23-01-2008 | |

Ukraine has adopted a law prohibiting US poultry imports through the country’s Free Economic Zones.

This law will, consequently, close the legal channel through which most US poultry products were imported, says a Foreign Agricultural Service report.
Further processors in the country’s Free Economic Zones imported 75% of US poultry, as the Zones allowed importers to circumvent Ukraine’s prohibitively high import duty. The report goes on to say that the remaining 25% of US poultry has been imported through “unofficial” channels, but a new government programme to stop “contraband” will impact those imports as well.
Ukraine is looking to become a member of the World Trade Organization in 2008, which would mean that imports would be subject to WTO regulations. The reported stated that WTO accession would reduce duty rates to a non-prohibitive level.
Ukraine was a US$70 million market for US poultry in 2007.
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