Update: H1N1 in Canadia turkeys

22-10-2009 | |

Hybrid Turkeys Inc. has confessed that it owns a flock of 3,000 breeder turkeys that has been infected with H1N1 virus.

The company believes the birds got the virus from an employee. It says several employees reported mild cold-like symptoms and sought medical attention.

The virus was detected when the company began looking for the reason behind a drop in egg production. There were no other symptoms and the birds did not go off either feed or water.

There’s another barn on the same premises and Dr. Helen Wojcinski, a company veterinarian, said there have been no egg-production problems there.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed the flock had been infected with H1N1, after which a news conference was organised to ensure the public there is no risk to their safety.

Dr. Deb Stark, the province’s chief veterinary officer and an assistant deputy in the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, said no eggs or meat from the flock went into the food system. Stark also said the H1N1 virus will not pass through hatching eggs to offspring.

Hybrid Turkeys has asked the news media to stop trying to visit its farms because that might breach its biosecurity protocols.

To view the press release regarding this outbreak, click here

Source: Kansas State University (http://bites.ksu.edu)

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