Urgent help needed in Vietnam

30-05-2007 | |

Vietnam’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) Cao Duc Phat has sent a strong message to the country’s poultry industry saying that all water fowl must either be immediately vaccinated or culled.

According to a report, the minister made this remark at a session of the National Steering Committee for Bird Flu Control and Prevention that was convened to contain the increased number of outbreaks of bird flu last month.
The minister stated that he and his deputy would directly supervise the fight against the virus. According to reports from veterinary examinations of bird flu-infected localities, the immune rate of poultry is very low due to poor vaccination practices and uncontrolled hatching.
The avian influenza virus has so far been reported in 10 provinces and cities in Vietnam, and fresh outbreaks have been found in northern Nam Dinh and Ninh Binh provinces, as well as in the southern province of Dong Thap.
Since the beginning of May, over 49,000 poultry have been found either dead or have been culled by health workers, according to the report.

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