US egg specialist Donald Bell passes away

29-10-2014 | |
US egg specialist Donald Bell passes away

Donald D. Bell, Poultry Extension Specialist Emeritus from the University of California Riverside, passed away on Saturday 18th October at his home in Riverside CA.

Bell will be remembered for his extensive contributions to the egg industry both in his native state and throughout the US.  His career which extended over 59 years commenced with a BS in Animal Science from University of California-Davis in 1955.  He earned the MS degree in Avian Science from Colorado State University in 1972. After military service Don was appointed as a Poultry Farm Advisor in Orange County and later transferred to Riverside County.  He served the University for 42 years until retirement in 2000.

Bell will be recognised for his economic studies including publication of two texts and a monthly newsletter documenting the cost of egg production and forecasting future production and prices.  He was involved in environmental studies and specifically evaluated the influence of temperature on production efficiency.  At the outset of the concern over welfare in the 1980s, he took an active role in considering stocking density, beak trim and induced molting.  His contributions in the area contributed to an understanding of the issues and many of his recommendations were adopted by the industry. He was influential in helping politicians and regulators establish policies at the state and national levels.

Bell also contributed to World Poultry, including in the article ‘Reviewing 50 years in the egg industry’ in the latest issue of World Poultry which will be online shortly.