US professor inducted into poultry hall of fame

15-01-2013 | |
US professor inducted into poultry hall of fame

Longtime professor Dr S. Allen Edgar (1916-2000) has been posthumously inducted into the American Poultry Historical Society (APHS) Hall of Fame as part of its 2013 class of inductees.

The purpose of the APHS is honor and recognise persons for outstanding achievement and leadership connected with the development of the Poultry Industry. Dr Edgar generated new knowledge on control and management of disease in commercial poultry. The principles he developed are still in use today. Thus, his pioneering research is of historic significance.

Dr Edgar was renowned as a giant in the area of poultry vaccine development. During his nearly 40 year tenure at Auburn University, he developed several vaccines including the first vaccine against infectious bursal disease in chickens and the first vaccine against coccidiosis of chickens and turkeys. Dr Edgar also discovered and named a new species of coccidia in chickens and was instrumental in development and commercialisation of anticoccidial drugs and vaccines. His contributions in this area were instrumental in allowing confined and intensive rearing of poultry, which enabled the commercial poultry industry to evolve into the modern agricultural enterprise that it is today. His work with USDA and processors in the Southeast led to workable guidelines for federal inspection of processed poultry, which significantly reduced the rate of carcass condemnations.

Because his contributions to the development of the Poultry Industry are of historical significance and have stood the test of time; Dr. Edgar has been awarded this posthumous recognition by the APHS.