USGC organises session on poultry processing and food safety

09-05-2006 | |

US Grains Council (USGC) organised a five-day interactive session on poultry processing and food safety in India at Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi for the benefit of poultry processors and value added product manufacturers.

In the wake of a drop in consumption of poultry products due to the Avian Influenza and as the industry is moving forward to value added products, USGC Official Dr James Denton advised the industry to make a road map with steps outlining specific goals to reach the final goal, safe food for all.

Denton pointed out that the industry needs to learn lessons from other countries that have retained their consumers in spite of these threats.

It is also necessary to regulate the live markets and take steps to ensure that a bad product does not reach the consumer, and in case that happens there is a recall system in place.

Denton emphasised the need for consumer awareness and making products as per the needs of the consumer.

In order to regain the lost ground by the industry with regard to consumption, he advised that it is necessary to make the consumer aware about a few things, specially the difference between bacteria that is a safety hazard, and that which causes food spoilage.

Ultimately, the consumers also need to understand the value of cleanliness and take some steps at their end to keep the products safe, he added.