Vietnam orders bird flu vaccinations

15-06-2007 | |

Animal health authorities in Vietnam have been ordered by the government to immediately vaccinate all poultry against, following the extensive spread of the disease since it resurfaced last month.

According to this story the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) Cao Duc Phat, has ordered local veterinary workers to vaccinate all newly hatched ducks against bird flu.

The ARD also sent an emergency message to provincial leaders ordering then to take drastic measures to check outbreaks and severely punish officials responsible if an epidemic broke out.

Vietnam has banned transport of poultry from infected areas to other areas, and is closely monitoring farming and slaughter of poultry, disinfection of affected poultry farms, and culling of sick poultry.

Birds in a recent outbreak, discovered in Dong My Commune, Thanh Tri District, had reportedly not been vaccinated against H5N1 virus.

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