VIV China 2009 well attended

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VIV China 2009 well attended

From 19-21 October 2009, VNU Exhibitions and CNAS organised the first edition of an annual VIV China at the NCIEC in Beijing.

A total of 266 exhibiting companies from 20 countries selected this edition to benefit from the professionalization of the Chinese animal husbandry industries. The exhibitors showed products and services related to Pigs (78%), Poultry (77%), Cattle (41%) and Fish (26%).
In 3 days, VIV China 2009 welcomed 12,679 industry professionals. Besides a strong attendance of Chinese visitors, there was a significant flow of international visitors from the Middle East (Iran and Pakistan). Regarding the origin of Chinese visitors, Beijing, Shandong, Hebei, Shanghai and Guangdong belong to the top 5.
Considering the buying interest, visitors represented the following industry sectors; Feed mills (27%), Feed ingredients and additives (13%), Animal health (11%), Poultry farms (10%) and Pig Farms (8%). This scope reflects the growing importance of the Chinese livestock industry and it continues for 2010 with even a broader range of suppliers.
Alongside the exhibition the Chinese seminar programme took place which elaborated on knowledge transfer in the Chinese animal husbandry markets. The seminars were well attended. Next to the seminars, technical sessions were organized. Dr Terry Ward from Zinpro Performance Minerals discussed the effect of ZPM on Pig Feed. Kemira Chemicals, represented by Dr LiLi, talked about the strategic use of organic acids and salts to improve animal production.
On the first evening, the VIV China Industry dinner was organized for the first time. The majority of invitees were industry captains of the Pig industry, representing the United Kingdom, Canada, China and The Netherlands. The evening commenced with the official publication by Mr. Henk van Duijn (Counsellor for Agriculture at the Dutch Embassy) of the Chinese version of “Pig Signals”, the first complete manual for Chinese pig producers.
VNU Exhibitions and CNAS are organising VIV China 2010 from 21-23 September at NCIEC in Beijing.
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